Identified Investment Opportunities for the Zambia Copper Value Chain

Based on the study financed by the EU through its AfricaRise Facility : «  Zambia Copper Wire and Cable Market Assessment (including legislation and skills assessment) “ by Steven Doppler, Roseta Chabala, Patience Mpfou, Mwansa Sishemo

Investment Opportunities: Upstream Opportunities

Building on the Existing Production Base

  • Increase Cathode Production from Zambia’s Smelters to meet Global Demand. Zambia’s smelters has capacity to produce 1,200,000 Mt/yr of cathode
  • Partner with Operating Smelter / Refinery plants by adding continuous Cast Rod Mill to produce wire rod. Provide Value-Added Input for Manufacturing Wire & Cable Products to Respond to Growing Regional and Global Demand

Investment Opportunities: Increase manufacturing

Building on existing manufacturing base

  • Increase Production, Expand Product Lines at Existing Wire & Cable Operations to Respond to Increasing Demand and Enter New Regional Markets
  • Upgrade Copper Cathodes into Value-Added Semi-Manufactured Products such as rod and shapes, which would likely add several hundred dollars per tonne in value, with specialty products commanding higher prices.

Investment Opportunities: Copper Circular Economy

  • Smelter Circularity – Developing New Uses and Markets for Copper Slag
  • Refinery Circularity – Constructing a New Anode Slimes Refinery to Process Valuable By-Product Materials Currently Being Exported
  • Re-process Copper Mine Tailings and Waste Dumps to Produce Copper Cathode for Downstream Manufacturing or Sale into Global Markets.
  • Export By-Product Sulphuric Acid In Response to Growing Supply-Demand gap, or use as input in local chemical industry
  • Circular economy business models:
  • Establish Regional Scrap Collection & Reprocessing Centre in Zambia
  • Potential for one of the major Zambian copper producers to structure a Rio Tinto / Schneider Electric model type for the Zambian markets
  • Establish a Fully-Integrated Regional Smelting and Refining Industrial System

Growing the copper circular economy