Some Key Features of the Business Forum


Potential EU investors, EU enterprises, the mining companies, copper fabricators or recyclers, DFIs and the banking sector, Zambian enterprises along the copper value chain, Zambia Development Agency, Zambian Manufacturing Association and Chambers of Commerce, EU Zambian Government, EU Delegation, EU Member States


  • Show case investment opportunities for copper value addition in Zambia
  • Facilitating partnerships between the European and Zambian enterprises along the copper value chain


  • 2 full days in-person event and field trips on the third day
  • Free participation for successfully registered companies
  • High-level opening ceremony by the President Of The Republic of Zambia and high-level EU representative
  • Participation of key Zambian Ministers
  • Networking events
  • Plenary discussions as well as parallel sessions by sector
  • Side events
  • B2B and B2G meetings
  • Exhibition space: 20 booths for companies and other agencies
  • Field trips to Mopani, KCM, Jubilee, ZAMEFA, Neelkanth

Field Trips:

  • 2 one-full day field trips open to up to 50 participants. Attendees will need to express their interest at the moment of the registration. The technical committee reserves the possibility to select the interested participants if the requests outnumber ┬áthe posts available.


The forum is open to the following sectors along the Copper value chain:

  • Mining
  • Smelters/refinery/processing
  • Copper based manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Services to mines
  • Circular economy
  • Skills development
  • Construction material

Copper Manufacturers

Copper Miners

Copper Circular Economy