EU-Zambia Partnership

Relevant Bilateral cooperation

  • Significant support to promoting green and sustainable growth
  • Financial and technical assistance to private sector development
  • Support to the business environment ( regulation, skills development, PP dialogue)
  • Support to the Energy sector: policy, regulation, investments

Partnership on Sustainable Raw material value chains

MoU signed in October 2023 to:

  • develop closer economic and industrial integration
  • Sustainable trade and investments
  • Promote circular economy
  • Alignment on ESG
  • Skill development
  • Research and innovation

The Global Gateway in Zambia

The transport network

North South Corridor (strategic corridor 10)

Durban to Lubumbashi – 2 700 – 3 000 Km
South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo

Global Gateway

The Lobito Corridor

links the ports on the south-eastern seaboard of Africa with the port of Lobito on the western seaboard of Africa by road and rail.

A MoU was signed in September 2023 with Zambia by the EU and the USAID and foresees the development of 800 km of railways on the Zambia side.


The electricity interconnection

  • Regional power interconnection Zambia- Tanzania – Kenia
  • Regional power interconnection Solwezi – Kolwezi
  • Kariba Dam rehabilitation