Growing the Copper Industry in Zambia through Green Value Chains

10th to 12th April 2024

Kitwe, Zambia

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The EU – Zambia copper business forum builds on a study commissioned by the EU, on the various opportunities for expanding and reinforcing the EU-Zambia copper-trade and copper transformation in Zambia. The study identified no less than 9 different areas with under-utilized potential for expanding and growing the Zambian copper-industry.

At the same time:

  • the global copper demand is expected to nearly double until 2035 and then to continue growing to satisfy the needs of the green transition to zero net emission. The demand for copper cables and wires is set to increase in Zambia and regional markets, led by electrification and urbanisation.
  • the  Africa Free Continental Trade Agreement (AfCTA)   with its 55 countries offers new and greater  market access opportunities.  
  • Zambia is a recognised   politically stable and secure country with an investment friendly legislation and the vocation to become a regional hub.

Against this favourable background, the EU Delegation to Zambia and COMESA jointly with Zambia Government and Zambian private sector organisations, is organising a 3 days Copper Business forum in Kitwe from 10th to 12th April 2024. The Forum aims at forging EU-Zambian business partnerships particularly around the identified opportunities. The forum will offer also the occasion to discuss the copper current trends from the Zambia perspective, understand the Zambia business environment,   and exchange on important issues such as  ESG regulation and implication for EU-Zambia investments  .

A significant portion of the program will be dedicated to facilitating business-to-business matchmaking and fostering connections between European and Zambian companies and between European investors and Zambian Government.

Participation is free but requires application and subsequently approval,   in order to ensure a highly relevant audience and true opportunities of B2B.

Objectives of the EU Zambia Copper Business Forum:


  • Show-case opportunities for copper value addition in Zambia


  • Facilitate partnerships and market linkages between the European and Zambian enterprises along the copper value chain and value chains using copper

Zambia has been mining copper for over hundred years. In 2022 it was the world’s 9th-largest copper producer, with its mines producing approximately 770,000 tonnes of copper. Copper in the form of cathodes, anodes and blister remains the main export for Zambia, while only about 4% is transformed in the country. Zambian underground holds significant deposits of copper,  and the President of Zambia vision is to increase  copper production to achieve 3 million tonnes in 10 years and to use it as  leverage for a sustainable economic transformation,  and for local value addition.  The National Mineral Resource Policy of 2022 also stresses among other things the need to increase local value addition along the mineral value chain, to support artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) and to ensure environmental sustainability and promotion of circularity, particularly in relation to mining waste.

From its side, in 2019 the European Union adopted the Green Deal, a transformative economic growth policy that will lead EU transformation into a modern, resource-efficient and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission free economy by 2050. These objectives are reflected in the current EU cooperation with Zambia, specifically into the objective of “promoting an environmentally sound, gender/youth sensitive and economically viable diversification of the economy, investing in the creation of green growth and decent jobs in circular economy.”

As follow up to these engagements Zambia and the European Union signed a Strategic Partnership on Sustainable Raw material value chains in October 2023 followed by the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the “Lobito Corridor” that will connect the north-western part of Zambia to the regional and global trade markets via the Port of Lobito in Angola.

Presentations and Panel Discussions

Presentations and organised dialogue sessions on the copper value chain and investment opportunities identified by the AfricaRise study on upstream, downstream and circular economy with the EU relevant private sector, industry associations, Zambian industries, and Governments.


The Businesses forum will include potential EU investors, EU enterprises, the mining companies, copper fabricators or recyclers, DFIs and banking sector so as to create market linkages between stakeholders from European, Zambia and the African region.


A matching platform will be available to facilitate pre-booking of B2B meetings. Specific B2B sessions are scheduled during the two days.

Field Trip

2 two field visits are organised : on the upstream value chain at Mopani mine and smelter,  on downstream to key manufacture companies